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Sepolia Deployment

If anyone wanted Sepolia ```Text .env WYVERN_EXCHANGE_ADDRESS="0x058916Ba87a8Fc89dDee0303DD9dBA72FcB2C629"; WYVERN_REGISTRY_ADDRESS="0x9771Ea8Ee3a2dad16c75957e5a4bf6125b90301B"; WYVERN_STATIC_ADDRESS="0xEcB7DF5b3E6d436b4651C2ee8c501a75e5459341"; WYVERN_ATOMICIZER_ADDRESS="0x0a475BD1772e052C84EAD58514488f4f9AAe7067"; STATIC_MARKET_ADDRESS="0x1E8fFDD440c366bD783A3d82Cc3cf2Af30a64280"; ```



Wyvern Protocol for Bulk Order, Batch transfers on Eth

The implementation of the wyvern protocol on opensea, seems to implement a bulk transfer and batch NFT send. I was wondering which part is on-chain or off-chain, If anybody can share the insights, I'd really appreciate it! Also, implementing the Wyvern protocol on non-eve chains really seems interesting

Does this protocol work with ERC721A <=> ERC20 swap?

I am curious if this protocol works with ERC721A <=> ERC20 swap?

Is V3 audited or in beta.

Hi was planning to use the version 3 of wyvern for a project as it is the most recent version available. But, had concerns if it was tested and audited or there are any chances the contract can be exploited.

Is this forum hacked?

I believe it is, looking to all that sql injections and non-response. Is there any other channel to get support from the community?

Escrow Proxy

Is it possible to model escrow with smart contract? e.g. I have a digital and physical product represented by an NFT. Upon acceptance of the bid via the NFT, I need the physical product to be released from 'escrow' state and shipped to the buyer. How would I model this

Is there someone here I can DM to regarding security issue with wyvernprotocol?

AtomicMatch function

What does atomicMatch function do? If possible, is there a dev forum I can participate in as well? The discord invite link was invalid. Thanks!

Deployment on XDAI side chain

Would you be able to deploy the contracts in xdai side chain? Thinking of a small project to deploy in that network, would like to use wyvern protocol. I understand i can self deploy, but dont want to step on your toes if you have plans to launch there soon. Please suggest. (my timeline is in the next 2-3 weeks)